immunocompromised call for solidarity

immunocompromised call for solidarity
immunocompromised call for solidarity


  • The risk of dying from Covid-19 in intensive care would be 10% for kidney transplant patients.
  • There would be between 230,000 and 300,000 immunocompromised people in France.

More than 63,000 people live thanks to a transplanted organ in France, according to thebiomedicine agency. Just like patients on dialysis – a blood purification method -, on chemotherapy or biotherapy, transplant recipients are among the immunocompromised.

For them, the end of the mask from this Monday, May 16 in public transport is not good news. Indeed, the immune system of these patients is no longer able to fight pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria or parasites. They are therefore more at risk of developing a severe form of Covid-19.

“We can die of it”…

Today, for example, when I book a TGV ticket, I take an isolated seat to make sure I don’t have someone around me too close and I keep my FFP2 mask on from the entrance to the station until ‘to the output. We can die of it“coronavirus, explains Stéphane, who received a kidney two years ago, at the microphone ofEuropean 1.

Stéphane received four doses of the vaccine, but previous studies have already shown that immunocompromised patients do not react as well as the rest of the population. In other words, on them, it would be less effective because even after vaccination, they would not produce enough antibodies to fight the virus.

Moreover, some patients who received the two doses of vaccine against Covid-19 have, despite this, fallen ill. Thus, according to latest recommendations from the governmentimmunocompromised people who have already received a two-, three- or four-dose primary vaccination course are eligible for a booster dose 3 months after their last injection if they respond to vaccination”.

“Wearing a mask does not seem like a reckless sacrifice to me”

To raise public awareness, the association ofe patients with kidney disease, renalooocalls for more solidarity: “tEveryone is tired of this epidemic, but at the same time wearing a mask does not seem like a reckless sacrifice to me if it is a question of preserving the health of fragile people and saving their lives.“, explained Ivanie Caillé, founder of the Renaloo association to European 1.

According to’Renaloo Associationimmunocompromised patients represent 40% of people in intensive care due to Covid-19.

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