The corona situation in Bielefeld on May 14: Another death reported

The corona situation in Bielefeld on May 14: Another death reported
The corona situation in Bielefeld on May 14: Another death reported

On Saturday, May 14th, 2022, 514 further laboratory-confirmed corona infections were reported in Bielefeld. The registered cases are spread over several days.* Again, many of them were more than 14 days ago. 118 are from the last two weeks. Some of the other 396 infections were already detected by laboratories in March. At that time, according to the city, the health department was too busy to process all cases promptly. More about this here.

The provisional corona incidence in our city is 404.8 (-67.2). Across NRW, the reporting incidence is 440.5 (-11.2).

According to the latest reports, 67 (-7) corona patients are being treated in the Bielefeld hospitals, 6 (+/-0) of them in an intensive care unit.

The hospitalization incidence in NRW was last given as 4.71.

Here you can get all the information about hospitalization in NRW.

Another and now a total of 550 people from our city have died from or with Corona so far.

A 60-year-old man was last reported on Friday. He died with Corona. his vaccination status was unknown. Based on the population of Bielefeld, 88.7 percent had received a full vaccination by April 24, and 70.4 percent also had a third vaccination.**

Here you can find an overview of the vaccination offers in Bielefeld.

You can get the nationwide corona numbers here.

And here you can get all the reports on the development of the corona crisis in Bielefeld.


Gray bars: Reported infections Bielefeld I Gray line: Incidence information NRW without late registrations | Black line: Incidence information Bielefeld without late registrations | Red line: reporting incidence Bielefeld with late registrations

Data sources: Infection numbers: LZG NRW/ RKI/ City of Bielefeld I Patient numbers: City of Bielefeld I Vaccinations: KV WL/ ASB/ City of Bielefeld (latest information in each case)

Information about other regions and further data can be found here.

* Due to the reporting times and reporting channels, infections reported to the Bielefeld Health Department from the previous day can only be included in the statistics on the following day. Corrections have also been made further back.

** The information does not include vaccinations carried out by company doctors. These will not be published.

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