four new suspects have been indicted

four new suspects have been indicted
four new suspects have been indicted

Four new suspects have just been indicted in the case of the robbery which took place last February during the filming of the series Lupine.

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The story of series netflix Lupine, played by actor Omar Sy, features the character of Assane Diop who, growing up, decides to take inspiration from Arsène Lupin to commit thefts. The methods of the gentleman burglar have nothing to do with the way the production was robbed a few months ago. The facts occurred on February 25, during filming season 2 of Lupine which took place in Nanterre, in the Hauts-de-Seine. A shooting somewhat disrupted by a robbery carried out by around twenty armed and hooded criminals. The team working on the series had been attacked with mortar fireworks, but fortunately there were no injuries.

A booty of 300,000 euros

In total, loot amounting to around 300,000 euros was allegedly stolen. Among the items carried by the criminals are cameras and screens, as well as wallets and mobile phones. On March 11, seven individuals had been arrested by the judicial police in the context of this case, following several searches which allowed the investigators to get their hands on some of the material which had been stolen. These people had then been indicted for theft in an organized gang. They live in different housing estates in Hauts-de-Seine (including those in the Pablo-Picasso district, in Nanterre, where the filming took place) and most of them already have a criminal record which reports acts of theft, violence and drug trafficking. The youngest of the group was only 13 years old.

Eleven people indicted to date, four behind bars

Thursday, May 12, six other people suspected of having participated in the famous robbery were presented before an examining magistrate, as reported by AFP. Four of them were indicted for theft in an organized gang, while the other two escaped prosecution. In total, eleven people have been prosecuted to date. Among them, seven have been placed under judicial supervision, while the other four, remanded in custody, are expected to await trial behind bars.

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