Marseille high school students make their own exhibition

Marseille high school students make their own exhibition
Marseille high school students make their own exhibition

Already feverish at the arrival of the journalists, the twenty-five second year students of the Lycée Diderot (13and) can be proud of the result: the exhibition they designed from A to Z based on the Mucem collections is finally seeing the light of day. Several months of work carried out with their teachers and the Mucem team were necessary to bring together nearly 150 objects in the museum’s Conservation and Resource Center, restoring the way young people look at the question of lies and truth, ” whose border is not always very easy to define “, underlines in the preamble Nelly Odin, in charge of the school public.

It did not take long brainstorming for this subject to impose itself on adolescents, born in the era of social networks and influencers. ” This theme they have chosen shows that it resonates in their daily concerns confirms Anna Villedieu, their history and geography teacher. “ It is part of their points of vigilance to be careful not to be manipulated, or to deconstruct speeches that seem to them to be misleading. “, she underlines.

From the development of the museum itinerary to the choice of objects, through the writing of labels and mediation tools, budding curators were able to participate in all the phases of development of the exhibition, which explores dreams of children, political speeches, family heritage and popular beliefs. A rare experience made possible by the system initiated in 2017 by the Mucem, entitled “Young people make their museum”, opening its doors to a particularly remote audience. ” The first interest is to show that the museum, however intimidating it may be, is open to all », pledge Enguerrand Lascols, exhibition curator at the Mucem and coordinator of the exhibition with Nelly Odin. ” It is also very interesting, at a time when they are asking questions about their future, to show the diversity of museum professions », he adds. They rubbed shoulders here with the work of exhibition curator but this one collaborates with many other professions : managers, librarians or scenographers, technical, intellectual or more artistic professions. »

We never imagined that there were so many professions and that it took so long to put on an exhibition confirms Ilian. He and his comrades have imagined a playful and interactive device that concludes this journey between truth and lie, this time questioning museum authority. ” If it’s in a museum, it’s real, no ? “Asks a cartel as a teenage question. To illustrate this sometimes shifting part of scientific interpretation, six enigmatic objects presented in boxes question the visitor about their true function. For the most seasoned to find their use… ” What was important to them was not to make a boring exhibition, which would be accessible to everyone, and especially to young people like them. », Underlines Anna Villedieu. The students even thought about making this course the most inclusive, especially for their non-French-speaking families. Alice, of Brazilian origin, and Mouihirou, of Comorian origin, spent long hours translating the presentations for the audioguides into Portuguese and Comorian. ” Some pupils may have revealed themselves in the mediation or in the design of the exhibition », Underlines Anna Villedieu. An experience that participated in their cultural openness : for example, we visited the Mucem reserves. We felt very lucky and the students were aware of it. »

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