a political storm in Grenoble

a political storm in Grenoble
a political storm in Grenoble

Concretely, it is a question of modifying the internal regulations of municipal swimming pools, in particular its article 12 which requires users to “decent dress” and “a correct attitude”. For the time being, the text requires “at least the part between the upper thighs and the belt and at most the part above the knees and above the elbows”.

These precisions could skip in the redrafted text. Because for the mayor of Grenoble, the restrictions introduced ten years ago boil down to “injunctions on the bodies of women”. “Our desire is to lift the aberrant clothing bans: this concerns bare breasts, covering swimsuits to protect against the sun or for reasons of conviction. The question is not to be for or against the burkini specifically”, he argues while invoking the 1905 law on secularism.

Storm in a swimming pool

But for its opponents, the burkini is only an “aquatic version of the Islamist veil”. In a few days, the vote announced to the municipal council caused a political storm, the two camps clashing with blows of platforms, petitions and muscular positions in the press or on social networks.

In early May, the president (LR) of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region Laurent Wauquiez opened hostilities by accusing the mayor of Grenoble of “submission to Islamism” and threatening to cut off all subsidies to the city if the measure pass. Several dozen local or departmental elected officials signed appeals this week to renounce a vote according to them “imposed by minority groups, whose sole objective is to permanently test the sensitivity of our institutions to the religious fact”.

Punch operations

On the other side, around a hundred personalities, including feminists such as Caroline De Haas and Alice Coffin, published a support column: “Muslim women have as much place in the swimming pool” as other citizens and “no one should be stigmatized even in the pools because of his choice of jersey ”.

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