Already 20 injured – crow attacks residents – Styria

Already 20 injured – crow attacks residents – Styria
Already 20 injured – crow attacks residents – Styria

In Upper Styria, residents of a settlement area hardly dare to leave the house anymore. A crow terrorizes and injures those affected.

A crow is currently up to mischief in steric Kapfenberg. As the “Kleine Zeitung” reports, it has been hunting the residents of a settlement area in Upper Styria for more than two months now.

Crow is up to mischief near the school

“The crow is becoming more and more aggressive and mobile,” say the residents of the “Kleine Zeitung”. Accordingly, the animal with its pointed beak aimed at the heads of the residents in a settlement in Kapfenberg near the local high school.

It is assumed that the animal was accustomed to receiving food from humans, at least that is what the ornithologist Andreas Tiefenbach suspects. “It appears to be a misprint here.” If the bird is raised by a human, it develops territorial behavior in the course of sexual maturity, which is not only aimed at conspecifics, but also at humans.

In the meantime, the quality of life of the residents is suffering massively from the crow. Often, according to the residents, only two of them go out to be able to defend themselves. With a wingspan of 80 centimeters and a beak length of six centimetres, the crow should not be underestimated. The animal has already injured 20 people.

The victims of the bird are now planning to get rid of the animal, so far without success. “We’re just being sent around in circles by the authorities.” However, the residents refuse to illegally get rid of the crow: “We don’t want anyone to lose their hunting license as a result. And if we work with poison, it hits the wrong birds.” Therefore, the pressure on the authorities is increasing.

Crows are also a danger to nature

In any case, the district master huntsman recommends that the residents chase the animal away with a laser pointer. There are also concerns about crows away from the settlement. “An excessive crow population leads to serious damage in agriculture and in nature,” says Provincial Councilor Hans Seitinger.

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