Sekkouri and Benchaaboun outline Morocco’s economic outlook in Paris

Sekkouri and Benchaaboun outline Morocco’s economic outlook in Paris
Sekkouri and Benchaaboun outline Morocco’s economic outlook in Paris

The meeting on the prospects offered by the economic ecosystems in the Kingdom to digital entrepreneurs of the Moroccan diaspora in France held on Friday was placed under the theme “innovation, digital and artificial intelligence”.

It was an opportunity to highlight the potential of the various national ecosystems, particularly in the digital sector, as well as the place of Morocco in its African environment in this area.

On this occasion, the Minister presented the latest developments in connection with the digital field in the Kingdom, in particular the last meeting held on Friday (same day) on the investment charter and the TPME system, noting that these subjects are the subject of very special monitoring by King Mohammed VI.

The Minister noted that Morocco offers the infrastructure necessary for the development of digital ecosystemsincluding the future investment charter, which provides aid for investments beyond 50 MDH, announcing that the government is also working on other devices for investments of less than 50 MDH

Younes Sekkouri said that the Executive is working on the finalization of a project concerning the State’s offer in connection with investment in Morocco aimed at entrepreneurs in the diaspora, as well as companies that can export from Moroccoall sectors combined.

For his part, Mohammed Benchaaboun underlined the need for start-ups and investors from the Moroccan diaspora to project themselves beyond national borders. He called on the latter to “think globally and to think Africa from Morocco” and “to be sharp in their projects in the wake of ever-increasing international competitiveness”.

The Moroccan ambassador in Paris has insisted on the importance of financing and the need to complete the ecosystems by supporting the banking system to be able to overcome a certain number of obstacles, coupled with training which remains fundamental.

In the continuity of the messages presented on Friday, Sekkouri and Benchaaboun, also intervened this Saturday on the occasion of the 14th edition of the Business Creation Day, which opened at the Maison de la chimie in Paris.

The Minister of Economic Inclusion, Small Business, Employment and Skills, highlighted the work done by the government to put in place an architecture that allows for a point of contact, in order to supporting project leaders and investors.

The Minister also indicated that a digital tool in this area is being set up, as part of the optimization of corporate governance.

With a view to moving forward with this ambitious policy of encouraging investment and private initiative, the minister indicated, the government is working, in particular via its department, to bring together all the programs put in place in this area by the various ministries and administrations.

For his part, Mohamed Benchaâboun focused his intervention on inclusive and sustainable development, which today are both the two challenges, but also the two compasses of the Kingdom’s policy, which give the orientation set by the Sovereign towards which the public authorities and all of the living forces of the country must follow.

Highlighting the existence in the Kingdom of a consensus to fight against inequalities and against climate change, with all its consequences on all aspects of our economy and on water resources, the diplomat underlined that sustainable development constitutes the “fight of all and at all times”, in the wake of the devastating consequences of climate change for the region and Africa.

“Ensuring the effectiveness and success of these policies for sustainable and inclusive development imperatively involves creating growth and attracting investment,” noted the Ambassador.

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