FC Zurich has to go into exile in the European Cup

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Champions League in St. Gallen, Basel or Lucerne? How that can be possible next season

FC Zurich will probably have to contest its European Cup adventure on foreign territory. Athletics and concerts put a spanner in the works for the new soccer champion. GC is also worried.

The Metallica concert stage in the Letzigrund stadium.

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FC Zurich is the Swiss soccer champion. After the victory in Basel on May 1st, there’s nothing left to shake. Since then, the celebrations in Zurich have taken their course. On Sunday next week, in the home game against Lucerne, the master heroes will finally be able to lift the long-awaited trophy. The outstanding season of the Zurich team will end with a master party in the Letzigrund.

So all peace, joy, pancakes? no While the players and fans can hardly stop celebrating, the busy FCZ President is already planning the next season. However, Ancillo Canepa is threatened with trouble. FC Zurich will most likely also play in Europe. Whether in the Champions League, Europa League or Conference League is still open.

President Ancillo Canepa and FC Zurich must remain flexible.

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On the other hand, it already seems clear: FC Zurich will not be able to play its European games in the Letzigrund. It is not the first time that the World Class Athletics Meeting in Zurich and various concerts have thwarted the FCZ’s European Cup adventure.

The Letzigrund Stadium is already fully booked on several dates of the European Cup group phase in autumn. World class Zurich will take place on the first day of the game from September 6th to 8th. The following week, on the second day of play from September 13th to 15th, Ed Sheeran gives a double concert. A performance by Toten Hosen (July 17) could also get in the way of FCZ. A few days later there will be a possible first leg in the second round of the Champions League qualification.

“To be honest, that’s very, very annoying,” said FCZ President Ancillo Canepa in the “Blue” interview. According to Uefa rules, all group stage home games must be played at the same venue. “So if we have to play any group game in another stadium, we have to play all the games there,” Caneppa said. The people of Zurich are thus threatened with a European campaign on foreign territory. St. Gallen, Basel or Lucerne are possible locations for the FCZ “home games”.

The Grasshoppers also have to give way

The Grasshoppers have been playing in exile for years. After the demolition of the Hartturm in 2008, the record champions played their home games in the Letzigrund of city rivals FCZ. One of the most important games of the near future could rise on May 29th. Then the barrage second leg is on the program.

The Letzigrund Stadium during construction work for a concert.

The Letzigrund Stadium during construction work for a concert.

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During the winter break, GC still had an eleven-point lead over Barrage-Platz, relegation was not an issue. With two games to go, the situation is different. The Hoppers are only one point ahead of FC Luzern. The central Swiss are currently the team of the moment. Nine points from the last three games. The mood in Zurich is different. The Grasshoppers are in freefall. Although GC got a point in Basel, the Zurich team is threatened with the barrage.

But not enough. Now the Hoppers are also threatened with trouble because of the Letzigrund schedule. If GC does need to fight for league survival at the Barrage, they cannot do so at their homestead. Because on May 30th and 31st there are also two concerts by the band Rammstein. The days before the “Letzi” is occupied for construction work.

The Grasshoppers are aware of the problem, media spokesman Gianluca de Cristofaro told Blue. We are looking for an alternative. It is out of the question that you want to play both games in the opponent’s stadium. St. Gallen and Lucerne are alternatives in the running. It is quite possible that a possible barrage second leg will be played in Lucerne. Whether with GC or FC Luzern remains to be seen.

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