Charleroi wins a first victory in the Europe Playoffs against Mechelen (3-2)

Charleroi won its first victory in the Europe Playoffs against Mechelen (3-2). The Zebras were led before reversing the trend. Thanks to this success, the Carolos took third place in the Europe Playoffs ahead of their opponent from Mechelen.

The start of the match is to the advantage of the Malinois who concretized their domination in the 21st. On a corner, Engvall took advantage of Koffi’s poor exit to push the ball into the back of the net. This opening goal woke up the Carolos who were finally coming out of their camp. After a first clear chance and a save from Thoelen, it was Nkuba’s feet that the equalizing goal fell. The young carolo unlocked his counter with the Zebras with a magnificent strike.

In the second half, the Zebras took the lead with a double from Bayo. But the Mechelen returned to the game thanks to a goal from Engvall in the 74th. Under pressure in the last minutes, the Carolos held on to win this first success in the Europe Playoffs.

Relive the encounter:

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