Eduardo Camavinga praises his teammates

Eduardo Camavinga praises his teammates
Eduardo Camavinga praises his teammates

Interviewed by France Soccer, Real Madrid midfielder Eduardo Camavinga was full of praise for his teammates. The 19-year-old Frenchman who feels supported by the Madrid executives spoke in particular of his good relationship with David Alaba, who plays the role of big brother for him. “He’s a nice guy, as they say. More seriously, it’s someone who talks to you and helps you a lot. We have a very good relationship. But I can tell you that if I do something wrong, he’s going to let me know firmly.”Camavinga said of the Austrian defender.

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The French international also spoke of his good relationship with Real midfielders Luka Modric, Toni Kroos and Casemiro. The former Rennais explained that he learned a lot thanks to the Croatian environment. “Luka, he has an instinct, a vision of phew, it’s not a Ballon d’Or for nothing. He pulls stuff at you with the outside of his foot, pff… Me, if I try such things, I “get” an ankle. (He bursts out laughing.) But he gives me everything else, yes. He attacks as much as he defends, so I’m inspired by the way he moves.”, detailed the Frenchman. Same thing about his other two partners. “Toni, he drops sick passes. You see the matches, but in training it’s worse. (He sighs.) So, you look and you necessarily want to do the same thing. “Case” (Casemiro), when I play 6, he tells me to keep calm. And, above all, not to take a card too early so as not to have to change my game afterwards.explained Camavinga.

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