Joel Embiid finally comes out of silence and talks about his arrival in the France team!

Joel Embiid finally comes out of silence and talks about his arrival in the France team!
Joel Embiid finally comes out of silence and talks about his arrival in the France team!

His season now over with the 76ers, Joel Embiid has agreed to return in recent hours to the recent rumors that send him to the Blues. In almost perfect French, the star pivot took stock of his state of mind in this matter.

Logically disappointed by the outcome of the course of his franchise, he did not wish to evade the slightest subject at a press conference, even if it meant dropping a few incendiary statements. Joel Embiid was indeed a good customer against journalists on Thursday after the elimination of the 76ers against the Heat. In addition to taking stock of the season, inevitably mixed, he thus answered without detour to questions however traps.

Whether it’s to confess his regrets about the departure of Jimmy Butler, or to smash James Harden’s performance since moving to Philly, the Cameroonian pivot did not try to take tweezers. Amaury Perdriau from The Team also took advantage of it, and launched him on the boiling file… of his possible French naturalization, and his arrival in the France team. Again, JoJo did not disappoint!

Joel Embiid thinks about his health before the Blues

Before delivering the substance of his thoughts on his hypothetical future with the Blues, Embiid made the whole room laugh with a nice touch of humor:

Joel Embiid: Do you want me to answer in English or French?

Journalist : As you wish !

Joel Embiid: In French then, like that they (the US journalists) won’t understand anything!

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A response followed in which he recalls his links with France… while procrastinating:

I have many friends and family in France. As far as this approach is concerned, I don’t really have an answer. But as I said, there, for sure I’m going to have to have an operation on my finger, so this summer, I want above all to be healthy, and then we’ll see what happens next.

Asked this time in English about this soap opera, the big man gave a similar story, recalling that he would always favor his career in the NBA rather than his record in international competitions:

I just said that I was focused on coming back to 100% physically. It is the most important. Obviously, the NBA season remains a priority for me, and I will always prioritize playing 82 games and the playoffs before making any plans for the summer that might prevent me from getting there.

In other words, it seems unlikely that the arrival of Embiid in the French selection will accelerate in the coming weeks. The latter will above all wish to regain all of his physical abilities, before thinking of strengthening Vincent Collet’s group in an XXL way.

Very physically handicapped, Joel Embiid has therefore hinted that he will not be able to take part in Eurobasket with the Blues in a few months. For the rest, he in no way closes the door to his naturalization!

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