Mercato: the XXL pressure of Conte’s agent at Tottenham

Mercato: the XXL pressure of Conte’s agent at Tottenham
Mercato: the XXL pressure of Conte’s agent at Tottenham

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One of the most serious leads for PSG in the event of the departure of Mauricio Pochettino this summer, Antonio Conte (Tottenham) seems quite closed to the idea of ​​​​a departure for Spurs. In any case, this is the message he displays at the press conference, attacking the rumors aimed at destabilizing his team in the final sprint.

But a departure from Conte from London is clearly not impossible – and especially not on the side of PSG – as his agent Federico Pastorello told the daily La Repubblica. It is enough to read between the lines the message of the interested party, which opens the door to 30%, to understand that Tottenham should put some sporting guarantees to keep it:

“Antonio is obsessed with winning. This is what made him one of the most topical technicians. He has the ability to change the mentality of a team, but it’s obvious that in the Premier League, you can’t win only with that. Sometimes Antonio comes across as a difficult coach: but, if I were a sports director, I wouldn’t want a coach who makes me live well, but a coach who makes me win. I found him very satisfied with his team, they follow him: I believe that at 60-70% he will stay”.

In the meantime, Antonio Conte continues to ensure that he is still 100% with Spurs like this Saturday at a press conference:

“From the moment I came to the club, and in all my previous clubs, I went there completely with my heart, my mind and my head”

Conte, a doubt about his future at Spurs?

Antonio Conte’s agent has announced that Tottenham will have to put the means to satisfy him if he wants to see him stay. A situation that benefits PSG for whom the door seems open. The French club corresponds to the expectations of the technician.

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