Juventus activate the Pogba track

Juventus activate the Pogba track
Juventus activate the Pogba track

Paul Pogba’s return to Turin is possible. Juventus have expressed their interest in the Frenchman and are waiting to hear the player’s terms.

Juventus want to probe the player and his clan

Between Paul Pogba and Juventus, it’s an old love story. And the two parties would be happy to meet for a new romance. Juventus, after a phase of careful reflection, has decided in recent hours to accelerate in this file. How ? An interview has been scheduled for next week with the player’s entourage, but it is not yet known whether it will be physical or telephone.

This emerges all the same as a clear signal proving that the Old Lady is determined to bring the world champion back to Piedmont, and this six years after having sold it to Manchester United.

Juve have also asked those looking after Pogba’s interests to keep them informed of any outside offers for their client. The Turin decision-makers would particularly like to know the intentions of PSG vis-à-vis La Pioche.

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Pogba too greedy (for now)

The rest, the essentials, will also be up to the will of the principal concerned. Which, as we know, has always had a weakness for the Old Lady. And the latter is therefore ready to welcome him again. But, not at any price.

Everything is played on economic claims, because the entourage of Pogba reasons around 11 million net on a basis (at least) of four years. While the Bianconeri, in the grip of financial difficulties, offer diametrically opposed figures.

On the Continassa side, we want to believe that Pogba, in order to be competitive again at the highest level, could lower his salary requirements. It’s a risk they take, but it’s a calculated risk. Anyway, at this stage and since there is no hurry, it’s a poker game that takes place and it may last a while.

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