Every Journey Leads Home Announced, Canine Trip Planned for This Fall

Every Journey Leads Home Announced, Canine Trip Planned for This Fall
Every Journey Leads Home Announced, Canine Trip Planned for This Fall

We know that dogs are man’s best friend. More faithful and adorable than a cat according to our team. It would also seem to be the best companion for the Longterm Games studio which has just announced Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Hometheir new platformer, coming to PC and Switch this fall.

A space adventure with dog

Taking the form of a 2.5D platform game, Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home will take us on the adventures of Bea, a dog sent into space who will live an incredible story discovering still unexplored lands. On her way, she will meet many extraterrestrials, often hostile, but also sometimes friendly, with whom she can bond.

In its press release, Longterm Games, a new studio founded in 2020, does not hesitate to mention big names such as Journey, Limbo or Ori and the Blind Forest among the inspirations. Yes, just that. Robert Ogłodziński, executive producer, says: “First and foremost, Space Tail is meant to entertain, but should also make players think, because it’s not just a story about a dog in space. It’s a tribute to all the animals guiding humans to the stars and a journey back in time, where all of us played retro platformers. »

The title will allow us to embody a dog who has no superpowers but who will be able to rely on her senses, namely her sense of smell, sight and hearing. Three components that will form a mechanism called Detective Mode, which will allow him to face multiple dangers by relying on his instincts. We are also told about a dialogue system, based on the behavior of dogs, where each action can have consequences, and two companions who will come to support him in his quest, Comet Rose and the 8088Y robot.

For the moment, Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home doesn’t have a release date yet but is slated for release this fall, first on PC and Switch, then later on other media.

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