G7 wants to prevent hunger crisis: Baerbock: Putin also wages a food war

G7 wants to prevent hunger crisis
Baerbock: Putin is also waging a food war

05/13/2022, 2:14 p.m

Foreign Minister Baerbock accuses the Russian President of waging a food war by blocking grain exports. This is already having an impact around the world. The G7 countries want to oppose this.

The G7 group of leading industrialized countries has reiterated its solidarity with Ukraine and pledged support for poor countries to deal with the food crisis fueled by the war. Russia’s head of state Vladimir Putin is also waging a “food war” that is already having repercussions worldwide, said Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock at a meeting with her G7 colleagues and her counterparts from Ukraine and Moldova, Dmytro Kuleba and Nico Popescu, in Wangels, Schleswig-Holstein.

Baerbock said that only the tip of the iceberg can be seen from the emerging global food crisis. It will get worse when the effects of the climate crisis become clear in the summer. With a view to the global effects of the war, however, it is now also a question of preventing a global hunger crisis through Russia’s “hybrid” warfare, said Baerbock. The hybrid war is not only waged by Moscow with tanks and missiles, fake news and propaganda, “but it is also a food war that we can observe around the world”. The fact that Russia does not allow millions of tons of grain to be exported to the world is a great danger. The G7 had therefore agreed to find a “political answer” to the crisis. She did not initially give any details.

The G7 group also “made it clear that we not only show solidarity with Ukraine, but also with Moldova,” said Baerbock after the meeting. Ukraine is being attacked militarily and Moldova’s stability is being threatened, said Baerbock.

Ukraine asks G7 for more weapons

Kuleba called on the G7 countries to confiscate Russian assets in their countries and transfer them to Ukraine so that they could “use the money to rebuild our country”. The fact that the G7 group is currently “strong” also has something to do with his country’s fight against Russian troops, he said. “Our struggle has restored confidence in the G7 to take the lead.”

Kuleba appealed to the EU to pass the planned oil embargo against Russia. If the EU cannot agree on a common line on this, it would be a success for Putin, he warned. On the fringes of the G7 deliberations, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell announced an increase in EU military aid for Ukraine by EUR 500 million to EUR 2 billion. The money is intended for “heavy weapons,” he said.

At the meeting, Kuleba specifically asked the G7 countries for more weapons in order to be able to ward off the Russian war of aggression. Accordingly, the Ukrainian armed forces lack flexible missile systems and combat aircraft. The West’s deliveries of weapons are now satisfactory overall, said Kuleba. However, it is clear that the support must continue until Ukraine has won the war against Russia.

Germany currently chairs the G7 group. In addition to Germany, the group includes the NATO countries USA, Canada, France, Great Britain, Italy and Japan.

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