what we know about Ukrainian soldiers accused of abuses

The crimes of Russian soldiers in Ukraine have been much talked about in recent weeks, including the massacre in Boutcha, the rapes, the civilians killed in the back… However, Ukrainian forces are also accused of abuses. A video has been circulating on the networks for several weeks, authenticated by our colleagues from World. We see Russian soldiers being tortured by Ukrainian militiamen.

The scene takes place in a village near Kharkiv, we see three captive Russian soldiers with their hands tied. We then see Ukrainian volunteers shoot it, in the legs. The three Russian soldiers collapse on the ground. An investigation is underway to determine which group tortured these men.

At the time of the filming of the images, three Ukrainian battalions were on the spot and in particular that of Slobozhanshchyna. A battalion close to the far right, created in 2014 and then dissolved for abuses. The armed group recreated itself last March, at the start of the war. These images of tortured Russian soldiers have been widely taken up by Russian propaganda which ensures that Moscow is therefore fighting against Nazis in Ukraine. For their part, the Ukrainians condemned these abuses.

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