Current Events – Medvedev: “Russia gives a damn if the G7 does not recognize the new borders”

Former Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev has responded with sarcasm and criticism to the leading industrialized nations (G7)’s support for Ukraine. “To put it mildly, our country doesn’t give a damn if the G7 doesn’t recognize the new borders.” The G7 states had declared that they “never” wanted to recognize border changes that Russia wanted to enforce with military force. Medvedev described the G7’s promise to Kyiv to continue supplying arms to Ukraine as a continuation of a “covert war against Russia”.

In this case, only the will of the people living there is important, according to Medvedev. For several weeks there has been speculation about referendums in the parts of Ukraine occupied by Moscow-loyal troops for an annexation to Russia. The 56-year-old once again referred to Kosovo, which the Kremlin sees as a precedent for the possible shifting of borders.

The article is in German

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