Habsburg: “Nehammer will be key witness against Putin”

So you have to put up with renunciation and unemployment for the Ukraine …

Like Germany, we must of course try to cushion the effects of a delivery stop. Since the beginning of the war, we have paid more than 60 billion euros from Europe to Russia for energy supplies. And in the same period we used between two and three billion euros to help Ukraine accordingly. On the one hand we are financing the war in Russia. On the other hand, we try to calm our guilty conscience with a minimal fraction of it.

In Germany, the arms deliveries are controversial …

First of all: This letter from Alice Schwarzer is full of stupidity and false facts. Of course I am in favor of arms being delivered. You have to get rid of this nonsense about defensive or offensive weapons. Today, a slingshot in the hands of the Russians is an offensive weapon and a missile in the hands of Ukraine is a defensive weapon because they are defending their country. So there is no such thing as offensive or defensive weapons, it is always the question of who is using the weapon accordingly. Of course it is necessary for us to support Ukraine accordingly, because they are also defending Europe itself.

Russia threatens to use nuclear weapons. Do you trust the Russians?

A distinction must be made between strategic and tactical nuclear weapons. There will probably be the use of tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Putin doesn’t decide that by pressing a red button, but rather by the task force commander in the war zone. The question then is how to proceed? Is that the red line that’s been crossed? During the Syrian war, US President Barack Obama spoke of a red line being crossed in the use of chemical weapons and then nothing happened.

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