Nationwide protest for abortion rights in USA

“Summer of Rage” announced

A speaker in Washington announced a “summer of anger”. “Abortion is health care” or “My body, my decision” was written, for example, on the demonstrators’ signs. “It was a slow process of disappointment. Little by little we got used to the idea that we could lose our rights,” said protester Leslie, who is from the capital area. She couldn’t imagine going back to a time when abortion was illegal and dangerous again.

“I just don’t think anyone has the right to make decisions about someone else’s body,” said 20-year-old Hanna Williamson, who traveled from Suffolk, Virginia, to the Washington demonstration, a three-hour drive away. “I’m fighting for everyone’s rights on this issue.”

In the Brooklyn borough of New York, about 3,000 people gathered behind a pink banner that read “Our Bodies. Our Future. Our Abortions.” Among the demonstrators there were Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, New York City Mayor Eric Adams and other influential Democrats.

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