North Korea declares state of emergency over ‘unknown fever’

In North Korea, the alarm is raised because of an “unknown fever” – after all, 21 people have died from it. So the country is now going into lockdown.

It is unclear whether the fever cases are related to the outbreak of the corona virus in the country is still unclear. Officially, one dead person had contracted the virus. “If we don’t lose focus in implementing the epidemic policy and maintain strong organizing power and control based on the unity of the Party and the people, we can overcome the crisis,” Kim said, according to the KCNA news agency. The outbreak of the corona virus in the country was a “big catastrophe” – a subvariant of the omicron pathogen had been discovered in the capital Pyongyang.

Over 500,000 North Koreans with fever

The head of state did not reveal how many corona infected people there are in North Korea at the moment. Since the end of April, 27 people are said to have died from an unknown fever. The authorities attributed one death to Corona. The majority of those who died may have died from a drug overdose “due to a lack of knowledge about treatment methods,” disease control officials told an emergency meeting of the ruling Labor Party.

According to the North Korean news agency, more than 524,000 North Koreans have shown signs of fever so far, and more than 280,000 people are currently receiving medical treatment. In fact, more people are likely to be ill because the testing options are limited.

Kim wants to donate private medicines

Kim Jong Un declared a state of emergency and ordered a nationwide lockdown. North Korea’s health authorities would have to learn from the experiences of other countries like China. The head of state also offered to donate medicines from his private depot to families in particular need.

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