Smartphones reveal positions of Russian soldiers

Revealing cell phone data

Embarrassing mistake: How Russian soldiers in Ukraine betray themselves

The Russian military is said to be easier to track down with a map. Accordingly, SIM cards would make the whereabouts of soldiers visible. Simulated mobile phone masts also play an important role.

In the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, a map is causing a stir that is intended to give an overview of where Russian soldiers in Ukraine dial into the mobile network. As military experts report on Twitter, this could make it transparent in which areas the military is concentrated, which in turn makes it easier for Kyiv to defend itself. Depending on where the forces are, the map is colored more red.

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As stated in the original post, the overview is intended to show the war situation in March. This would also explain why the colored areas do not match the current combat zones.

It is disputed whether the card could possibly be a fake. A Twitter user writes that in the regions occupied by Russia, the base stations of the mobile phone networks have been destroyed or disconnected. As a result, the positions of smartphones could no longer be determined. The Ukrainian “Pravda” also writes that Ukrainian providers blocked their networks for Russian and Belarusian SIM cards at the beginning of the war.

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During the invasion, Russian soldiers took away some of the smartphones of some Ukrainian citizens in order to regain access to the network with their SIM cards. In this way, however, the whereabouts of looters can also be determined, because stolen or lost mobile phones can be located.

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Smartphones can also be tracked by the military by simulating cell towers using drones. Because every device tries to contact a mobile antenna. In this context, receivers are housed in drones or vehicles, which in turn simulate transmission masts. If a smartphone then connects, the attacker may be able to retrieve GPS data.

Russian supply ship apparently destroyed by Ukraine

Satellite images show a Russian supply ship in the Black Sea that was probably hit by a Ukrainian missile attack.

© Source: Reuters

Meanwhile, Russian President Putin has ordered the use of smartphones to be banned during wartime. A May 6 decree said military personnel would not be allowed to own devices that could determine locations and transmit audio and photo footage. According to “Radio Free Europe”, violations would be classified as gross disciplinary offences.

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